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How to prevent hackers from accessing your computer?


How to prevent hackers from accessing your computer?

It is the search engines which are helping people to get connected with others with just a few simple clicks. Besides, you can get a lot of information online. But not many people aware of the fact of the high risk involved in search engines. There are adware and spyware, which is present on the internet can easily affect your computer and hacker can steal all your data.

Those spyware, mails and adware can cause massive havoc and put you in considerable risk. So, how to prevent the hacker from doing this? Well, it is not an impossible task. All you need to follow some simple tips and you can ready to keep your computer safe.

Tips to keep your computer safe from hackers

  1. Update your Operating System and other essential software

Always update your system OS and make sure you are using the latest version. This will keep your computer safe by preventing hackers from getting access to your computer through malware. Change your OS update from manual to automatic. Besides, turn on Microsoft product updates to keep your Office Suite updates. Make sure you are using the latest version of Java. Use a new version of the software and keep the hackers away from accessing your computer.

  1. Always use a firewall.

There is two major OS which comes equipped with firewalls. It is a software which acts as a barrier between the information stored on your computer and the internet. It prevents someone’s unauthorised access to read your system and will alert you about any suspicious activity. If you have brought a new computer, before going online, make sure that the system’s firewall is enabled. You can even buy a hardware firewall from different companies such as Sophos or Cisco.

  1. Use premium and reputed antivirus software

The internet is full of different types of Trojans, viruses and more. They can enter into your computer in different ways, from internet, software, or when you use someone’s infected flash drive. So, you should always use the best antivirus software, for example, Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, Bitdefender and more. They immunize the system against such virus. Missing essential files, slower computer and frequent hanging can be some symptoms of virus attack.

The antivirus can detect the virus in real-time and delete them from your system. Premium antivirus software comes with advanced protection features, such as web protection, download protection and more. They will carry out an in-depth scanning and detect the viruses. Run a regular scan and to keep your system clean. With this, you can prevent hackers from getting into your system.

  1. Always use the latest version of the browsers

Web browsers are significant applications. However, like other software, they can also carry some bugs which can affect your system. Hackers can easily use data and exploit web browsers. When a web browser gets compromised, the hackers can easily monitor what you are typing. So, the best thing that can do to prevent hackers from is using the updated version of web browsers. Sometimes, it will be good for you to use the browser in incognito mode. If possible, to use VPN services to hide your IP address.

  1. Go for two-factor authentication

When hackers obtain your data such as password, they will then try to find out the accounts that they can access with that password. That’s why it will be better for you to use two-factor authentication. This is an effective way to prevent hackers from stealing your password. Her users need first to type the password and then confirm the password with some codes.

There are lots of such tips that you can find online. So, read them all and consider the tips mentioned above to prevent hacking.

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